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How to Use an Ergonomics Assessment Form to Maximize Office Efficiency

How to Use an Ergonomics Assessment Form to Maximize Workplace Efficiency

Perhaps you’ve received multiple complaints from employees that their workstations are hurting them. And naturally, you begin to panic. When your employees — the lifeblood of your organization — hurt, your bottom-line hurts.

Common health issues stemming from poor workplace ergonomics include sprains, tears, and strains. They also include carpal tunnel and back pain.

The good news is that by making your workplace ergonomic, you can improve the efficiency of your workers.

A good place to start is with an ergonomic assessment form. This form can help you get an idea of what problem areas your office has and begin the process of making your office a safer and more comfortable place to work.

Ergonomic Evaluation Forms Should Address the Height of Each Worker’s Monitor

Your ergonomics checklist should call attention to your employees’ monitor heights at their workstations. This is important because the screen height impacts the neck’s soft tissue.

If monitors are too high or low, consider giving your workers monitor arms. Laptop risers and monitor stands can also help them to adjust their screens’ heights.

Placement of the Mouse

An ergonomic assessment form can also help you to improve your workers’ efficiency by requiring you to assess each worker’s mouse placement.

Every worker should have no problem reaching their mouse while their elbow stays against their body. The elbow shouldn’t extend forward.

If you discover that an employee’s mouse isn’t in a safe position for them, consider giving them a vertical mouse. This type of mouse will allow them to make bigger muscular movements from their upper arm or elbow. This is much better than moving just the wrist, as this may inflame the wrist and quickly cause carpal tunnel.

For employees who are struggling with shoulder comfort, consider introducing trackballs to them. This device will minimize their shoulder movement by keeping it in a relatively neutral position. This solution is best for any employee who moves their mouse forward all day.

Back Support

Finally, your ergonomic assessment form should motivate you to examine your employees’ back support. This is essential given that research shows that more than one-fourth of working adults currently have back pain.

To prevent or improve back pain due to work, you should give your employees chairs that have numerous seat adjustments. These adjustments should include armrest adjustments. Other adjustments include those for seat depth and height.

With the right chairs, you can reduce your employees’ back pain. This, in turn, can help them to perform better daily.

Consider Hiring an Ergonomics Consultant to Help You Improve Your Efficiency in the Office

A thorough ergonomic assessment form will help your office get an idea of what improvements should be made.

Furthermore, we recommend hiring an ergonomics consultant to ensure this assessment is properly performed by visiting your location in-person. This is a worthwhile investment, as it pays off in the long run with less injuries and better performance from your workesr.

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