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Virtual Ergonomics Assessments for Remote Workers in the U.S.

Virtual Ergonomics Assessments for Remote Workers in the U.S.

Virtual Ergonomics Assessments for Remote Workers in the U.S.

Virtual Ergonomics Assessments for Remote Workers in the U.S.Remote Worker Ergonomics Assessment

Remote working is here to stay in the United States. Now, more people than ever before are setting up a home office to work out of and nearly 60% of Americans say they can do their job from home. As the desire for more flexibility grows, it is only natural that a growing share of workers will operate remotely.

One issue is that employers have spent years emphasizing and investing in their office safety, but how will this translate to a home office? It is crucial for businesses, office managers, and human resource managers to provide their remote workers with the tools to design their home office with proper ergonomics in mind.

In this blog we have gathered tips from the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc., an ergonomics consulting company. With these tips, you can improve the situation for your remote employees.

What Is Ergonomics?

Before diving into tips for redesigning the home office, it is essential to briefly define ergonomics. Simply put, ergonomics is the study of how a person operates in their work environment.

It involves designing the workplace to make a worker most efficient and comfortable as possible. Many different human factors are considered in ergonomics, such as personal health, safety, and job performance. Not every workplace is the same, which is why many companies will hire an ergonomics consultant to perform an ergonomics assessment on the workspace.

Why Is Ergonomics Important for the Remote Worker?

Due to recent events and technological advancements, millions of people are now doing remote work in the US. However, with this being a relatively new style of working for many Americans, there was little time to ensure that their home office was ergonomically designed.

This leaves many workers operating under inefficient conditions. These workers may have gone from standing desks to dining room tables, fold-out chairs, or even couches and beds!

Remote Worker Ergonomics AssessmentWithout the careful planning and execution that companies have done for years, remote workers are vulnerable. They are exposed to adverse outcomes such as long-term back and neck injuries. Now that remote work is here to stay for millions, it is imperative to incorporate ergonomic design into the home office.  

What is a Virtual Ergonomics Assessment?

Here, an ergonomics consulting firm performs a mini-ergonomics assessment on your home office. The benefit of this is that a virtual ergonomics assessment does not need to happen in the remote worker’s home and can be done via phone or video.

During an assessment, the ergonomics consultant starts the review with your general working space. They will look at your desk, computer, office chair, and other tools or devices that you use for your daily tasks.

Their objective is to make sure your workspace keeps you pain-free and efficient. Afterwards, the ergonomics consultants will make recommendations on how to improve your workspace.

For example, an ergonomics expert may recommend a keyboard that reduces pressure on your wrists while typing. They may suggest a new office chair to improve posture and relieve the burden on your back and neck.

Some suggestions may be related to employee safety. Ergonomics consultants are trained to identify safety hazards that place the employee at risk. Other recommendations are performance-based, with suggestions made to help improve employee efficiency.

Virtual Ergonomics Assessments for Remote Workers

Proper ergonomics must be considered in the new remote work environment. Unfortunately, the transition to remote work was hasty and did not adequately address ergonomics. This has left too many remote employees vulnerable to injury and inefficiency as a result.

The good news is that a virtual ergonomics assessment can provide solutions for a worker’s home office. If you are interested in a virtual ergonomics assessment for remote workers, contact our ergonomics experts today to schedule an appointment.

At we value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, Contact Us to schedule an ergonomics consultation or ergonomics assessment for your office today.

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