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Office Site Evaluations

Ergonomics EvaluationsIndividual office workstation evaluations are completed using an effective ergonomics assessment model and a structured interview process to gather information.

  • Individuals are provided basic ergonomics education and educational materials at the time of the evaluation
  • Measurements are taken
  • An objective risk factor assessment is completed
  • A discomfort/symptom survey is administered

When new equipment is recommended, we either define the equipment features and you decide what to order, or we make equipment recommendations with specific vendor, cost and ordering information outlined.

The evaluation time is typically 45 minutes. Individual typed written reports, outlining all findings and recommendations, are provided using the ERGO-NIZER web database program. When you read one of our reports, you are never left wondering what to do and how to solve the problem.

Virtual Evaluations

Evaluations are typically completed onsite but we are also capable of completing them virtually . The advantages of using this method include:

  • Saves on travel time, which is environmentally more friendly
  • The evaluation can be completed sooner
  • Costs less

The process includes:

  • We email the employee instructions
  • We set a time to do the assessment by telephone
  • The employee takes photos and measurements and emails these to the consultant
  • The employee is contacted by telephone for the assessment
  • We generate the same type of report as we do for the site assessments
  • Follow ups are completed when requested

We have been performing virtual evaluations for years now with great success.

Office Ergonomics Mini Assessments

Mini assessments take ~20-30 minutes each. They are conducted at the person work area. If you do not need a formal report this is a good option to save time and money. It is best to provide the one hour office ergonomics training with the mini assessments. Benefits of using this method include:

Benefits of using this method include:

  • You save money, as 4-5 can be done in an hour
  • You can get workable solutions quicker for your staff
  • There is less disruption in the workplace
  • It takes less time, so there is less impact on productivity

Industrial Evaluations

Evaluations for industrial, manufacturing and other non-office type jobs are designed to determine the frequency, duration and intensity of jobs/tasks that may contribute to, or create, ergonomics risk factors.

Solutions Northwest applies the full weight of our experience and expert knowledge, using published and commonly used tools and, where applicable, state standards and guidelines, to minimize existing ergonomics risk factors.

Solutions Northwest will lead your organization through a structured process to identify practical and realistic interventions to solve problems and eliminate ergonomics risks factors through engineering, administrative and/or work practice controls.

Solutions Northwest has experience providing industrial evaluations for:

  • Libraries
  • Fishing and Transportation Vessels
  • Transportation Vehicles – Bus, Car, Truck, Rail
  • Educational Facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Cruise Lines
  • Restaurants
  • Semi-Conductor Industries
  • Manufactures
  • Hospitals


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