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Evan Knutson, PhD, CRC — Vocational Consultant

Evan Knutson, PhD, CRC — Vocational Consultant.  Evan is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with 4 years of experience providing multidisciplinary vocational and counseling services for individuals with physical, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Previously, Evan worked as an independent researcher and rehabilitation specialist working with topics in clinical assessment, instrument development, community rehabilitation, brain injury and pre-vocational training. Evan synthesizes his skills in both research and clinical backgrounds to engage in evidence based practice and guide high-impact clinical and consulting services. He currently works as a Vocational Consultant at Solutions Northwest providing vocational consulting and case management services.

Evan’s background and education provides a comprehensive and deep understanding of the interactions between chronic health conditions, disability and vocation. Evan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Psychology in ’13, a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling in ’15 and a PhD in Rehabilitation Science in ’19.

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