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Andrea R. Sadler, MA, CRC

Andrea R. Sadler, MA, CRC – Vice President, Vocational Rehabilitation Training Manager

Andrea R. Sadler, MA, CRC is Vice President and Vocational Rehabilitation Training Manager at Solutions Northwest, Inc.  Andrea is a Forensic Vocational Evaluator and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with over 15 years of experience working with industrial injured workers in various occupations throughout Washington State.  Additionally, Andrea has experience providing Vocational Assessments and Wage-Earning Capacity Evaluations for Family Law in Washington and Oregon.

Andrea completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology from St. Martins University in 2000.  She obtained her Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from St. Martins University in 2006.  Andrea’s educational experience and practice within the workers compensation field have given her the knowledge and expertise to work with complex mental health and physically injured workers.  Andrea is a registered Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Andrea specializes in providing Consulting Services and Assessments in:

  • Vocational/Employability assessments to include forensic assessments
  • Accommodation services
  • Conducting job analyses
  • Administering vocational testing
  • Developing and monitoring training plans
  • Providing vocational testimony as an expert witness
  • Family Law, wage earning capacity assessments and forensic testimony

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