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Janet DeLapp, MS, CPE, CDMS, CDPM – Co-Founder, Occupational Ergonomist/Vocational Consultant

Janet DeLapp, MS, CPE, CDMS, CPDM — Co-Founder/Occupational Ergonomist/Vocational Consultant, has melded her University of Wisconsin Vocational Rehabilitation education with applied ergonomics and disability case management experience since 1990. Janet is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and a Nationally Certified Disability Management Specialist and a Certified Professional in Disability Management.  She is also certified in Oregon and Washington as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Janet’s professional experiences have provided her with a special expertise resolving issues associated with disabilities in the workplace.  Janet’s graduate degree in Human Factors/Ergonomics from the University of Idaho allows her to bring a targeted and practical problem-solving approach to ergonomics for employers, attorneys and individuals. Janet’s successful business management allows her to apply her technical ergonomics and human factors training in a practical and common-sense way for today’s business environment.  Janet has been serving on the Board for the Puget Sound Human Factors Ergonomics Society for the last 5 years as President and Past President.

Janet specializes in providing Ergonomic Services in:

  • Worker Compensation – Occupational Disease and Ergonomics
  • Office and industrial applications or environments

Janet also provides Vocational Consulting Services and Assessments in:

  • Worker Compensation
  • ADA

Specializing in Stay-At-Work Systems

Let us help you create a  safer work environment, improved work efficiency, increased productivity, and greater job satisfaction.

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