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Tony Feuchter, MA, CDMS, CEOE — Vocational/Ergonomics Consultant

Tony Feuchter, MA, CDMS, CEOE — Vocational/Ergonomics Consultant. — Tony joined Solutions Northwest, Inc. in January of 2018 and brought with him over a decade of valued experience working with youth who have social and emotional disabilities. Tony obtained his Master of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Montana. Through application of his academic endeavors and work experience, he demonstrates the able characteristics of a skilled vocational consultant.

Through interactions, assessments, and consulting with various treatment professionals, he has collaboratively worked to construct a behavioral plan that benefits the targeted individual. This experience has proven to give Tony valuable insight and understanding of life challenges individuals with work related injuries, or other disabilities, may face and how to best assist them in transitioning through these challenges.

Since joining Solutions Northwest, Tony obtained the credential of Certified Disability Management Specialist. In addition, working under the direction of Janet DeLapp, MS, CPE, CDMS, CPDM and completing specific training in office ergonomics he obtained a certification as a Certified Ergonomics Office Evaluator. Tony presently provides ergonomics evaluations to employers, specializing in office ergonomics.


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