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The Top Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse at Work

The Top Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse at Work

According to, Americans now spend almost half of their waking hours staring at a screen. That translates to almost seven hours of screen time every single day!

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This increased screen time has much to do with the rise in digital device ownership and use. Today, almost three-quarters of U.S. adults own a PC or a laptop. 74 percent of U.S. employees also use a computer at work.

The rise in computer use for work has made employees prone to technological diseases. For starters, there’s carpal tunnel syndrome as well as the so-called “mouse shoulder.”

Fortunately, an ergonomic mouse can reduce the risk of developing many of these conditions. Such computer accessories can even help boost your productivity and work performance.

Read on to learn about the benefits of an ergonomic computer mouse from the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc.

An ergonomic mouse puts your hand in a more natural position for work.

To understand all the good it can do, let’s first answer the question, “what is an ergonomic mouse?”

As a regular computer mouse, an ergonomic mouse is also point-and-click hardware. However, the latter’s design allows for more natural hand placement.

Since the hand won’t be in an awkward or abnormal position, there’s a lower risk for muscle strains. This natural and ergonomic mouse position also reduces discomfort during its use. This is especially important for people who use their computers for long periods of time.

Ergonomics gadgets help prevent technological diseases and work-related injuries.

Technological diseases result from the excessive use of computers, keyboards, and mice. Researchers also say that these ailments could be worse when using non-ergonomic devices. That’s why they recommend the use of ergonomic computer mice.

One condition which ergonomic mice can reduce risk for developing is carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a type of nerve disorder that affects between four and 10 million Americans. It results from the “squeezing” or “choking” of the wrist’s median nerve.

Arthritis, wrist fractures, and even diabetes can squeeze this nerve in the wrist. However, any activity that places huge pressure and stress on your wrist can also compress it. This includes the use of a computer mouse, especially one that bends your wrist in an awkward way.

CTS is painful and can even be debilitating. So, rather than risk twisting your wrist, you should consider using an ergonomic computer mouse at work.

An ergonomic mouse can help relieve symptoms of existing mouse-related injury.

Sprains, strains, and tendinitis can be excruciating, especially when you move your wrist. Unfortunately, it’s often unavoidable, particularly when you use a computer at work.

An ergonomic mouse can help ease the pain and symptoms of these wrist conditions. It helps correct hand-to-mouse position, which reduces stress and tension in your arms. The tailored fit to your hand also helps relax your tired and wound muscles.

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In conclusion, reduce your risks of computer-related injuries with an ergonomic mouse.

There are many ergonomic mice on the market. The best type of ergonomic mouse for you can be determined during an ergonomic assessment. A trackball or other type of input device may be determined to be a better option for you depending on your job duties and medical condition.

As always, we believe every workplace should perform an evaluation of their workstations and hire an ergonomics company to perform an ergonomics assessment. Additionally, stay up-to-date in office safety and subscribe to our ergonomics blog often for more tips and tricks for a more efficient workplace.

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