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Video: Low Back and Core Exercises you can do at Your Work Desk

Video: Low Back and Core Exercises you can do at Your Work Desk

Watch Solutions Northwest Inc.’s Ergonomics Exercises video:
“Exercise at Your Desk: Low Back and Core Exercises” by clicking on the image above or visiting our YouTube channel.

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The modern job often requires us to sit at a desk or hunch over a device (sometimes these offices have poorly executed ergonomics planning), which has lead to an increase of back pain caused by the workplace. If you are experiencing back pain at work, this video will provide some exercises that may provide both relief and strength training for your chest and back.

Remember to listen to your body while at work. Try some tips from our previous blog:
Don’t overwork yourself.

According to BYLLP, the Top 5 Work Related Injuries are caused by: Overexertion, Slip and Fall Injuries, Equipment Injury, Motor Vehicle Injury, and Repetitive Motion Injuries.

Our clients at frequently tell us they’ve developed musculoskeletal disorders by pushing themselves too hard. Commonly, the injury is from repetitive motion related to work tasks. Repetitive tasks require us to do the same movements over and over again. It especially becomes a problem when we ignore our body’s warning signals of pain.

Listen to your body.

Our body starts sending stronger and stronger warning signals until we finally pay attention. When we start paying attention we regret letting the pain get to the point it is at.

This is why we need to pay attention to our bodies. Our health should be our number one priority because without it we have nothing. A lot of times we cannot physically do as much as we want to or feel we have to.

We just have to find a way to be at peace with that. Things we want to accomplish will get done eventually, it may just take longer than we would like.

Try some tips from our Ergonomics Blog whenever you’re feeling a little overworked:

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