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Skip the Extra Coffee – 5 Better Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Skip the Extra Coffee – 5 Better Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Skip the Extra Coffee - 5 Better Ways to Increase Productivity While Working

Remote workers know that working from home certainly has its perks. Yet it can also be hard to stay productive when you don’t have anyone with you, cheering you on or helping you stay motivated.

Maybe you’ve already tried taking a lot of breaks and getting more sleep to stay productive. Luckily, there are more ways to boost your efficiency while working from home.

If you’re a remote worker, then your office environment can be a huge part of how productive you are. We have a few tips below from ergonomics experts for maximizing your home workspace potential, as well as other ways to increase work productivity.

Know your peak work times.Remote Worker Ergonomics Assessment

One of the best ways to increase productivity as a remote worker is to know when you do your best work. And depending on your work, it is often possible to set your own work schedule as a remote worker. If possible, tackle your hardest projects during the peak times that you work best. It’s a lot easier to do difficult things when you’re at your best, and it can take a lot less time.

Here’s a remote worker perk: if your job is task-oriented, you may be able to decrease your work hours. If you do your most difficult work during your peak productivity hours, then you may be able to finish all your tasks, finish early, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Decrease distractions in your home office.

When you’re looking for ideas to increase productivity in your home office, the easiest strategy can be to eliminate distractions. That could mean putting your smartphone in a time out for 15 minutes or an hour. You can also set time limits on your web browsers for certain websites, if you’re spending too much time surfing when you should be working.

If you have family, let them know that you will be working during normal hours and that you need to be able to work undisturbed. Don’t be afraid to close the door and put some earphones on to drown out any outside noise.

Establish a routine and a schedule, stick to it as if you had a supervisor watching you.

Create a comfortable and ergonomic home office.

Your furniture is a tool to help you work. Create a comfortable and productive workspace by utilizing ergonomic principles to design a home office or home workspace for yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, opt for a virtual ergonomic assessment to help you learn where to improve. Ergonomic experts may want you to consider swapping desk chairs or even getting a standing desk to help make the space more comfortable. Your furniture should work for you, not against you.

Read our ergonomics blog for tips or contact our ergonomics experts for an affordable ergonomics assessment of your current home workspace (these can be done virtually due to the current remote work requirements).

Decorate and have fun with your workspace.

Swapping out the decor in your home office can help you be more productive, too. What motivates you, a warm ambiance or a cooler, more minimalist style?

Take advantage of being able to work from home and personalize your space to your own taste. It can make your home office feel fresher, which gives you fresh energy as you take on your daily tasks.

A great perk of working from home is you can work just about anywhere; you may even be able to take a break occasionally and work for an hour in your yard just to get some fresh air.

Skip the extra coffee, and use these tips to improve your workday productivity while working from home.

Instead of upping your caffeine intake, increase productivity with the more natural ways above. With a fresh aesthetic, an ergonomic workspace, and time to work when you’re most efficient, you’ll be on top of your work game in no time.

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