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Workplace Wellness: How to Take an Active Work Break

Workplace Wellness: How to Take an Active Work Break

Are you concerned about workplace injury? Read this ergonomics guide on how taking active work breaks can help prevent workplace injuries
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Many jobs of the modern era rely on sitting behind a desk and computer. As ergonomics specialists, we understand that this desk-bound work style has its advantages, but it has many drawbacks as well: including potential health risks for those doing the sitting. 

Long hours in a sitting position can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even increased risk of heart disease. That’s why it can be so important to make time for an active work break during your time at the office. Even a few minutes of activity a day can help decrease these health risks and get your body the exercise it needs. 

Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few tips on how to take the ideal active work break. 

1. Find simple ways to include activity while still working.

The most important aspect of an active work break is just that: activity. If you have time during the workday to get up and walk around, you’ll already be leaps and bounds ahead of other American workers.

There are ways you can work this into your actual daily schedule. For example, if you’re an office administrator or have the power of control, consider making some of your meetings standing meeting. Standing and brain storming on a white board with your team will not only be good for your health, it will encourage more engagement and creative thinking.

Another idea is to go on a walking meeting. If you have something you need to discuss with a colleague, try walking and talking instead of sitting.
2. Involve your commute.

If you can’t fit this kind of activity in during the workday, see if you can work it into your commute. Adding more walking, cycling, or any kind of physical activity to your trip to work can help keep you fresh and feeling good. 

Even if you live far from work, there might be adjustments you can make to benefit your body. Many big cities now offer bike shares around town that you can take for quick, cheap rides. Consider taking public transportation to your office but getting off a few stops early and taking a bike the rest of the way. 

Simply parking your vehicle further away from your office building is another great way to get a few extra steps in for the day.

3. Use your workspace to do simple exercises.

Routine exercise is known to improve productivity at work, but there will be some days that are just so busy you won’t be able to get your workout in or even get up and leave the office for a stroll. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take quick, active breaks at your own desk.

Check out Solutions Northwest Inc.’s instructional video series on 12 Ergonomics Exercises you can do at work with just a chair.

Consider taking compact workout equipment to work with you. Take your yoga mat to work to de-stress and avoid repetitive stress injury (RSI) or bring small dumbbells for some physical activity.

In conclusion, taking active work breaks doesn’t need to be complicated.

There are few better things you can do for yourself at work than to take an active work break. Keeping your body active can not only help decrease the risk of disease and maintain strong mental health, but can also make you a more productive worker in the long run.

And remember, check our blog often for more ergonomics and office tips for a more efficient and injury free workplace.

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