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4 Tips to Reduce Wrist Pain from Typing

4 Tips to Reduce Wrist Pain from Typing

San Diego Ergonomics: Office Tips for Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Pain

Has typing become a pain in the wrist? If so, you don’t have to continue to suffer. 

There are small changes you can make to the way you type that will help alleviate the pain.

Let’s explore 3 of the best ways to prevent wrist pain from typing too much at your office job. 

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1. Rearrange the position of your keyboard and mouse. 

One of the fastest fixes you can try includes simply changing the location of your keyboard and mouse. Move them closer to the edge of your desk so your elbows are not resting on your desk.

This takes the pressure off your wrists as well and will help prevent them from bending and becoming uncomfortable.  

2. Sit properly. 

Bad posture can result in painful wrists, among other things. Keep both feet planted on the floor with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your head aligned with your spine and make sure your arms are loose, not tense. 

Ensure you don’t hunch over your keyboard as you type and don’t allow your wrists to droop.  

Take a look at our recent ergonomics blog, “The Ergonomic Way to Sit at Your Desk and View Your Monitor,” for more details on properly setting up your workstation with office ergonomics in mind.

3. Take frequent breaks from typing at work.

To take it easy on your wrists, make sure you take constant breaks. Every 20 minutes you should be getting up and spending at least two minutes away from your computer. 

This will prevent too much strain on your wrists and body. While you’re on a break it’s helpful to practice some stretching, which brings us to our next point. 

4. Stretch.

If you spend many hours of the day on your keyboard, you should be taking time in between to stretch your wrists and prevent discomfort. 

An easy stretch to learn would be the Praying Pose:

Prayer Hand Stretch - Mouse

Sitting with your elbows on the desk and palms in prayer position, slowly lower your wrists to the table until you feel a stretch. Keep your palms together throughout the stretch. Hold 5 to 7 seconds, relax, and repeat 3 times.

Check out our ergonomics blog, “3 Easy Stretches for Mouse Users,” to learn more stretches.
In conclusion, making small changes in your work habits can make a big impact on injury prevention in the office.

If you or anyone else in the office is suffering from wrist pain due to mouse or keyboard use – following these easy tips is a great way to combat preventable office injury. Be sure to share these tips with your office workers and human resource managers.

To make your office staff even safer, consider performing an ergonomics evaluation for your office. Contact the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. to evaluate your workstation.

Check out the rest of our ergonomics blog for more advice about safety and comfort in the workplace.

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