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Why Your Office Should Have Standing Meetings

Why Your Office Should Have Standing Meetings

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Why Your Office Should Have Standing Meetings

A recent article by Forbes claimed standing meetings cut meeting times by 25%.

When you sit for long periods of time, you become susceptible to a variety of health concerns. Health concerns from too much sitting include: High blood pressure (hypertension), increased blood sugar levels, excess body fat (particularly around the stomach), high cholesterol, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Because sitting too much has a negative impact on office health, it makes sense to look for opportunities to take a break from sitting to stand up. Instead of pulling up a chair, conduct your next meeting standing up. A standing meeting boosts creative results, improves focus, and encourages team cohesion.

4 Benefits of a Standing Meeting:

Standing meetings are healthy for your employees and your business. A recent article by Forbes claimed standing meetings cut meeting times by 25%.

1. Standing leads to creativity.

Standing up gets the creative juices flowing. Researchers from Washington University found groups who worked together while standing were more energetic and shared more creative ideas.

Sitting down too long may actually harm creativity because it makes people feel sluggish, tired, and unengaged.

If you need to spark creativity in your office, conduct a brainstorming session while standing up. It should encourage more involvement and creative thinking.

2. Standing improves focus.

Standing allows for better focus within your group.

Firstly, standing means it is less likely employees will be distracted by cell phones and emails. When everyone is standing up in a circle, it’s easier to focus on the conversation at hand.

When you stand, your circulation flows throughout your entire body and more blood reaches your brain. The change in posture wakes people up and helps them feel more alert during a meeting.

3. Sitting and standing balances your workday.

Alternating between sitting and standing provides for a healthier workday. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so you’re less likely to experience weight gain that often accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. 

Research shows workers who stood for at least two hours a day increased their lifespan expectancy by 10%. Standing meetings encourage more activity, give workers a chance to stretch their legs, and help everyone feel refreshed.

Of course, moving throughout the day is the best way to stay healthy. In addition to hosting standing meetings, you should also be eating well and exercising regularly after or before work.

4. Standing meetings boost team cohesion.

Standing meetings get everyone involved to pitch new ideas. Since the creative juices are flowing and your team is focused on the conversation, it leads to improved team cohesion.

During a sit-down meeting, people may feel more territorial. They bring their cellphones, laptops, and notebooks with them to the table and sit in their designated area. A standing meeting eliminates this and encourages a shared workspace where ideas and cohesion flow.

Standing meetings should boost team spirits. They can include fun ice-breakers and are the perfect time to make announcements noting employee achievements. After a standing meeting, your team resumes their work feeling motivated and energetic.

In conclusion, start standing.

With all the benefits of a standing meeting, start incorporating them into your weekly agenda. You’ll find your employees will be more creative, focused, and healthier. Talk about a win-win!

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