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Train the Evaluator

The Train-the-Evaluator session’s objective is to teach an individual or small group how to perform office workstation ergonomics assessments. Training includes classroom sessions, hands-on lab sessions, situational assessments and actual assessments.

Training length varies based on the number of people being trained. Training typically takes 3-4 days for full certification.

A certification of completion as a Certified Ergonomics Office Evaluator (CEOE) is provided.

Janet DeLapp, MS, CDMS, CPE
Occupational Ergonomist

Includes: classroom instruction, situational assessments, lab sessions, and actual assessments performed

  • Module 1 – Train the Evaluator Introduction
  • Module 2 – Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics – Objective: Provide an overview and foundational knowledge of how the systems of the body work
  • Module 3 – Office Related Injuries – Objective: Understand common injuries and specific risk factors that can contribute to their development
  • Module 4 – Anthropometric Measurements and Chair Adjustment – Objective: Complete body measurements for the purpose of understanding variation in people and how this relate to workstation set up
  • Module 5 – ergonomics risk factors – After completion of this module the trainee will be able to identify ergonomics risk factors and their root causes, as well as identify individuals that may be more susceptible to discomfort and injury
  • Module 6 – The Tool Box – A review of equipment that can be used to eliminate risk factors
  • Module 7 – Analysis of Problems – Situational risk assessment practice
  • Module 8 – The Assessment Process – Objective is to learn the assessment interview process using the ERGO-NIZER™ database format and then complete actual assessments

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